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We will build for you any wooden house, designed and tailored specifically for you. - Residential and log houses

  • Wooden all-year-round houses and summer houses
  • Garages and wooden sheds
  • Wooden gazebos and tool sheds
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Over 10,000 realized projects

30 years in business.

The highest quality of wood.

Thousands of satisfied customers.

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What we do?

SFP WOOD is a wooden house manufacturer.

We are the undisputed leader in the Polish wood construction industry. In our state-of-the-art Hundegger K2I production facility, we manufacture, amongst other things, wooden year-round houses, summer houses and log cabins.

We are a reliable Polish manufacturer with 30 years of experience in construction of ecological wooden houses. As a manufacturer, we can offer competitive prices, individual designs and the highest quality products.

New schemes for summer and year-round houses are constantly being developed in our design office. We offer both ready-made houses as well as the possibility of an individual project in a traditional or more modern design.

We are able to realise any project, from small summer houses to very large log houses. In order to meet expectations of our customers, we strive to provide a comprehensive realisation of our houses, including assembly.

Raw material

The highest quality of wood

All our products are made of Siberian spruce wood (even 18-21 rings per centimeter, which translates to the hardness and quality of the wood), imported from the original forests of Russia - an unrivalled asset when compared with other wood manufacturers in Poland.

Siberian spruce, from which we build wooden house structures, is imported directly from Russia. We are sure that the wood undergoes a detailed selection and has the appropriate quality certificates.


We use the timber framing techniques where four-sided planed logs are joined along the length with a tongue and groove (single, double or triple) as well as in the corners and points of wall crossing. The roof is made of purlins.

Do you know that?

Natural wood is one of the oldest and most traditional materials used in building structures and it enhances human life. Wood, as material, combines durability, variety, aesthetics, ecology and very good thermal and health properties.

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